Cognitive decline is a common problem of older people,

 especially for dementia patients.

Dementia is an irreversible degenerative brain disease

affecting one’s memory, thinking, behaviour and emotion.

It causes loss of memory, along with impairments in the sensory system,

the person loses control over his or her impulse system, may not remember things

and at last stage, may have complete memory loss.

Treatments :

  • Medication                

  • Non-pharmacological Interventions,

eg. Cognitive Training


Alzheimer’s Disease International Department of Health

Dementia in Hong Kong

Symptoms of Dementia

Executive function

Difficulty to performing familiar tasks
Difficulty in planning, organization and decision making


Forgetfulness, especially names of people and objects
Difficulty in following conversation involving more than one person

Learning and memory

Short-term memory loss


Confusion in time and places 


Increased difficulty in concentration and easy distraction 

Social cognition

Lost in initiatives to socialise

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