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Data Processing


Data Tracking

Our portal system can be used to enhance the learning experience and quality of life for older people, while providing carers with real-time, useful progress tracking and feedback on the effectiveness of training.

Game Data Tracking

With our specially designed Data Analysis Dashboard, carers can easily track the progress of each elder's games and activity records. This function not only records the score and completion level, but also provides in-depth analysis of participants' performance in different game modules, such as reaction speed, memory and strategy use. This data tracking system helps carers to understand the changes in cognitive abilities of the elderly and adjust daily activities and training programmes based on the data results for optimal health benefits. Translated with (free version)


Mahjong Attack and Defence Data

In our platform, Mahjong is not only an entertainment tool, but also an important part of cognitive training for the elderly. Through comprehensive data analysis, we are able to track and analyse each mahjong game in detail, revealing the strategic choices, decision-making speed and error rate of the elderly during the game. These data help us to better understand the mahjong strengths and training needs of the elderly, so that our carers can provide more targeted guidance to help the elderly improve their mahjong skills and cognitive functioning.

Calligraphy Ink Collection

In our Calligraphy Game, every stroke of the elderly is meticulously recorded, including the accuracy of the stroke and the smoothness of the style. These data are stored in our back-end system and carers can download the data images of these calligraphic works at any time for further analysis and discussion.


This not only helps the elderly to maintain and practise their calligraphy skills, but also enables the carers to observe the progress and possible deterioration of the elderly's calligraphy skills and provide support and encouragement accordingly.

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