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The demand for cognitive training for the elderly is increasing, so we will occasionally hold various forms of competitions to allow the elderly to participate.


Games at the competition help older adults keep their brains active and improve memory, concentration and problem-solving skills.


By holding competitions, we can help the elderly maintain their physical and mental health, and at the same time help them better integrate into society and enhance their opportunities and skills to communicate with others.


Festive events

In order to keep innovating, we will design new cognitive impairment games in different ways to cater to the festive atmosphere, such as Christmas, New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc., so that everyone can feel more joy and challenges during the festival.


We will cooperate with different organizations, both the elderly and children can participate in the activities and fight together.

Theme Workshop

We have participated in different workshops to allow the public to experience our company's innovative technologies, such as STEM game design courses, e-sports experience days, emerging sports experiences, and inclusive activities for young and old.


Sharing Talk

Through sharings, we introduce our knowledge of dementia  to the public and share how it can help patients manage their condition better. Our apps include features such as cognitive stimulation, memory training, and daily living skills to help patients improve their quality of life and self-care.

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