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Introduction to NeuroGym

The game design follows the theme of local culture and traditional features, adding elements of mahjong, Chinese calligraphy, and daily life scenarios to the game, and extending a series of training and tasks divided into different levels.

Mahjong Therapy

Many studies have shown that playing mahjong can prevent cognitive disorders. Our training advocates train users' brains to think and coordinate their eyes and hands while playing mahjong, as well as promoting social skills. Mahjong therapy is mainly training, not gambling.

Calligraphy Therapy

A combination of Chinese calligraphy, reminiscence-therapy elements, games, sharing, and reporting.

NeuroGym Smart Table

Provide users with a different kind of gaming and training experience through interactive smart tables.

Gamified training for schools and corporates

Using new technology and connecting different IOT devices and hardwares, it is a new game suitable for students and  companies as events, and e-sports and technology expereince.

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