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Medmind Technology is a medical technology startup incubated by Hong Kong Science Park. We research and develop innovative products to promote healthy ageing. We collaborate with universities and healthcare professionals to develop interactive platforms for seniors and patients, particularly regarding dementia and other mental health disorders. We provide an innovative and interesting experience for assessment, monitoring and intervention for the diseases. We aim at creating a socially-inclusive society with less stigma, better disease awareness and thus early detection and timely treatment.


We initiated our projects because of the aging population and its related problems in Hong Kong. It is observed that there is an increase in prevalence of dementia in Hong Kong among the senior citizens which creates a great pressure on hospital and rehabilitation services. In addition, diagnosis are often given lately, resulting in quick deterioration. Meanwhile, we also found that the medical system is inefficient without the utilization of Information Technology. Thus, we established this platform and aim to tackle with the observed problems. 

Our Vision and Mission

Continuous Monitoring, Early Detection, Timely Treatment, Delay Cognitive Decline

Co-founder, Director


Meet The Team

Nathan HUI

Experienced in healthcare industry 

Experienced in sales and marketing

Networks with healthcare professions

Denis HUEN

Pioneer in medical robotics market

Experienced in start-up management

Networks in technology industry



Occupational Therapists


University Professors