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STEM program 

  • Human-Centered Game Design Course

  • Exclusive Innovation and Technology Social Enterprise Visit and Technology Experience

  • Personal contact with real user groups to solve social problems

  • Emphasis on practice and real application scenarios

  • It can be flexibly adjusted according to the requirements of the school and the level of students



Getting Started - Advanced Game ProgrammingGame design, production and testingUse Scratch, PictoBlox(AI) and other building block programmingAdvanced Level: Unity Game Design

Design thinking

Understand design thinking with real social enterprise application examplesPersonal contact with real users, practice the whole process of design thinking

Innovation experience

Visit different technological social enterprisesAI technology application experience

Educational Game Technology

Esports for Fitness

  • Multiplayer strategy games that enhance teamwork and communication skills.

  • Offer short-term school team interest classes

  • Experience sports competitions such as curling in the Olympic Games

  • Mixed cooperative games with different disadvantaged communities such as the elderly, people with disabilities, etc., to cultivate empathy.


Happy Learning Academy: Gamified Learning Platform

  • Fun way to learn academic subjects. Math and science games that are both fun and cooperative.

  • 2-4 people can participate in quizzes and scoring functions.

  • Small breaks for puzzle-solving to reduce disorderly conduct.

  • Data-driven reporting platform that provides a clear overview of performance.

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