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A gamified platform for healthy aging

Medmind Technology is a medical technology startup incubated by Hong Kong Science Park. We research and develop innovative products to promote healthy ageing. We collaborate with universities and healthcare professionals to develop interactive platforms for seniors and patients, particularly regarding dementia and other mental health disorders.


We provide an innovative and interesting experience for assessment, monitoring and intervention for the diseases. We aim at creating a socially-inclusive society with less stigma, better disease awareness and thus early detection and timely treatment.

The product is a gamified cognitive training platform which includes games, individual accounts to record each user's performance, and detailed reports for institutions and caregivers to track and monitor the progress of users' cognitive training.

The mini games mainly

focus on five themes

  1. Mahjong

  2. Park

  3. Wet Market

  4. Old Hong Kong

  5. Dim Sum

About us

Learn more about our mission, values, and our professional and passionate team

Product and Service

NeuroGym - an interactive and fun assessment game for seniors and dementia patients


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