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School Training

Design Thinking Course

Engaging workshop introduces elementary and secondary students to game design thinking. Hands-on activities foster creativity and problem-solving.


Enhance students' self-confidence and empathy through designing games.


Design Thinking

Familiarize and enhance students' design thinking.


Career-Oriented Curriculum

Fostering interest exploration, career preparedness through game development.

​App Product

Empower students with an array of educational mobile games designed for in-school use, fostering skill development and enhancing learning experiences.


Journey of Huaxia

Primary Humanities 

Introducing an engaging gamified experience to educate elementary students about Chinese culture, with a focus on the People's Science subject and China's national education curriculum.

Esports for Fitness

Building Bonds, Skills, and Empathy

  • Multiplayer strategy games that enhance teamwork and communication skills.

  • Offer short-term school team interest classes

  • Experience sports competitions such as curling in the Olympic Games

  • Mixed cooperative games with different disadvantaged communities such as the elderly, people with disabilities, etc., to cultivate empathy.


Smarty Space

Gameify The Life

  • Customized Teaching System

  • Able to load online resources to create targeted teaching materials

  • Daily life themes, ideal for Integrated Education

  • Simple and easy-to-use configuration tools

  • “SmartySpace Station” platform for sharing customized teaching materials

Happy Learning 

Academy Gamified Learning Platform

  • Fun way to learn academic subjects. Math and science games that are both fun and cooperative.

  • 2-4 people can participate in quizzes and scoring functions.

  • Small breaks for puzzle-solving to reduce disorderly conduct.

  • Data-driven reporting platform that provides a clear overview of performance.


Bridging the Gap

Learn with elderly

  • Understanding the Behaviors and Abilities of Seniors

  • Learning Essential Knowledge in Design Thinking and Game Design

  • Learning to Use Game Software

  • Creating Game Prototypes

  • Elderly Testing of Games

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