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藏品, 移動電話

Our Services

Consultancy service for software development and design for elderly

We have developed a training and game system for the elderly— NeuroGym, which has been used in hundreds of social welfare organizations providing elderly services in Hong Kong, including day centers, elderly centers, nursing homes, home services, etc. Therefore, our team is very familiar with the design of electronic applications for the elderly with different abilities.
We have designed themes, text size, graphics, contrast, layout, difficulty adjustment, voice guidance, and prompts for dementia and the cognitively less able elderly.
We have worked as technology consultants for various social welfare organizations, assisting them in designing and developing innovative products, such as interface, user experience, and game design, etc. We can provide important advice. We will create customized designs such as themes, backgrounds, graphics, game content, training programs, etc. according to the needs of the organization. We can even design innovative concepts for organizations
We have experience in the development of software for medical games, and can also refer to our program structure to help speed up the development process and program stability.


Mobile App Development

UI/UX Design

Web App Development

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