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NeuroGym - an interactive and fun assessment game for seniors and dementia patients.

Redesigning elderly games based on research results, data of players’ cognition are collected and analysed with machine learning models. It allows caretakers and doctors to better monitor and assess their conditions and provide timely treatment.

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| Features

1. Local Culture Elements

Neurogym includes Mahjong and Chinese calligraphy, allowing users to improve their cognitive ability while enjoying local activities. Mini games include various themes, such as dim sum, old Hong Kong, and wet markets, to connect with seniors' life experiences and environment. This creates a more realistic user experience and can encourage users to be self motivated in continuously completing their cognitive training. 

2. Customized Reports

The report includes the score of the 6 aspects of cognitive functions and details of each executive functions.

A detailed report is then created to give users and their caregivers a full understanding of users’ cognitive health and can provide timely treatment if needed.

 3. Age friendly training

Games are created based on six cognitive domains, including attention, memory, hand-eye coordination, executive functioning, perception, and language. Understanding many seniors’ reluctance to use technology, Neurogym includes written and verbal instructions, hints, and adjustable levels to help seniors understand how to use technology for cognitive training.

4. Various Ways of Application

Users can choose to do individual training for training programs more tailored to their needs and interests or multiplayer training for strengthening their social skills. Multiplayer training can include in person, through interactive smart tables, or online multiplayer. Furthermore, users and their caregivers can also use Zoom for training at home.

| Leaflet

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| Game screen

Five Game Themes
Majong Therapy
Activities of Daily Living
Activities of Daily Living
Caligraphy Therapy
Activities of Daily Living
Activities of Daily Living

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NeuroGym is a comprehensive cognitive training platform. After registration, customise your account name in the system and enjoy the following benefits:


Simple Login

Individuals or organisations can customise account names, avatars and training content



Individuals or organizations can log in to view the account information of all users at a glance


Effective monitoring and follow-up

Organisations can monitor users’ cognitive training results and changes anytime and anywhere, facilitating follow-up and tailor-made training plans

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