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A research-based and user-friendly gamified cognitive training platform.

Incorporated with local activities and themes.

Allows users to monitor and improve their cognitive health.

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Local Culture Elements

Based on the research on mahjong and calligraphy therapy, Neurogym includes Mahjong and Chinese calligraphy, allowing users to improve their cognitive ability while enjoying local activities. Mini games include various themes, such as dim sum, old Hong Kong, and wet markets, to connect with seniors' life experiences and environment. This creates a more realistic user experience and can encourage users to be self motivated in continuously completing their cognitive training. 

 Age friendly training

Games are created based on six cognitive domains, including attention, memory, hand-eye coordination, executive functioning, perception, and language. Understanding many seniors’ reluctance to use technology, Neurogym includes written and verbal instructions, hints, and adjustable levels to help seniors understand how to use technology for cognitive training.

Report Analysis

The system comprehensively records user data through their game performance and uses artificial intelligence to analyse the six cognitive areas of users. A detailed report is then created to give users and their caregivers a full understanding of users’ cognitive health and can provide timely treatment if needed.

Various Ways of Application

Users can choose to do individual training for training programs more tailored to their needs and interests or multiplayer training for strengthening their social skills. Multiplayer training can include in person, through interactive smart tables, or online multiplayer. Furthermore, users and their caregivers can also use Zoom for training at home.

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